Coast to Coast Women's Gathering Highlights : Encouragement From Me to You

Coast to Coast Women's Gathering Highlights

by Susan A. Smith on 10/01/12

By way of introduction, I want to encourage you.  Keep your God-given dreams alive in your heart until they manifest!  The vision of several women's ministries coming together for a conference has been in my heart for such a long time.  I have learned that just because it may take time for the vision to come to pass, does not mean it is not God.  Don't let time be an enemy to your faith!  Dreams and visions will come to pass in due season.  The Father has been preparing me for this time all along.  Just as the disciples and Paul were prepared for ministry, so it is the same with you and me.  We need to be prepared for our Kingdom assignment. 

 My process started 23 years ago with mentoring girls in the youth ministry.  As I was faithful with the young ladies that were entrusted to me, God began to trust me with more.  The next part of the preparation was participating in the women's ministry at church.  Helping to bring someone else's vision to pass is one way God teaches and prepares you for your own.  While in Philadelphia, I helped make Pastor Tracey's vision for the women's ministry come to pass.  Apart of my training was to do whatever was needed and/or asked.  God was not finished yet. 

 Once we became Pastors of IYWCC Elkton, I started the women's ministry, that was eight years ago.  It was different because I was now entirely responsible for the women's ministry.  All along the way God was working with me, teaching me.  God works with us just as He did with the disciples, Mark 16:20.  The Father knows what it takes to make sure you are ready to flow.  You must trust Him.  Proverbs 3:5 and 6 says that we should trust in the Lord with all of our heart and lean not to our own understanding.  In all of our ways seek Him and He will direct our paths.  Proverb 37:5, says if we commit our ways to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.  Be encouraged, God is working on something!

 So let me tell you about our first Coast to Coast Women's Gathering, it was AAMMAAZZINNGG!  The love and unity of the women was something you had to experience.  Women from Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey gathered for two days and two nights.  The Ultimate Stiletto Party on Thursday night was the kick-off.  The party was on the 15th floor of the Hyatt in Inner Baltimore Harbor.  The view was picture perfect.  The lights, water, boats, can't you just imagine?  DJ Praze did an awesome job of getting almost every woman on the floor, young and seasoned.  It was great to see women just enjoying themselves.  Many women shared that they had not had a moment in a long while to just have FUN.  We danced and sang from till , and I mean we danced. The ladies were beautifully dressed with gorgeous stilettos, ready for the red carpet.   

Have you ever walked a red carpet?  Well, we did.  We modeled our stilettos or fabulous flats.  Some of the ladies looked like they were professional models.  I cannot tell you how much fun we had Thursday night.  The two winners received an acrylic trophy in the shape of a stiletto with pink lettering.  The trophy was so sharp, I wish I had won.  No, I'm just kidding.  I was so happy to see the women having fun that was my reward. 

Within the next few weeks I will give you a snap shot of the workshop information.  The workshop sessions were High Impact Leader: Change Agent for the 21st Century taught by Bernadette Mills; Family Matters taught by Candi Stewart; the G5 Woman taught by Ray Smith; Single and Satisfied taught by Tracey Barnard; and BIG Girls taught by Yours Truly.  Stay tuned for more details about the workshops, they were informative, motivating, and relevant. 

It's been good communicating with you.  Hope you were encouraged to continue to believe God.  God is getting you ready to fulfill His purpose in the earth.  Woot, Woot. 

If this blog has encouraged you, please leave a comment and, as always, pass it on!

Until Next Monday,

Susan A. Smith


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