Words of Affirmation : Encouragement From Me to You

Words of Affirmation

by Susan A. Smith on 12/27/12

A few weeks ago, I ministered to the women at my church during the altar call.  My heart was so heavy after I ministered to them, I wanted to go somewhere and just cry.  The words of wisdom that the Lord had me to share with them centered around negative words that had been spoken and had taken root in their hearts.  I know first hand about the manifestations of negative words spoken over a person's life.


I was so impacted by that service, I could not sleep.  I began to write out this confession.  Mark 11:23 says that we will have what we say.  I encourage you to begin to say and believe what the Word says about you.  Then just like me, you will begin to see a different harvest in your life.  You can also add specific affirmations to these as well.  I am agreeing with you for transformation in your life as you meditate, believe and confess God's Word.  You may also want to purchase my book, I AM From A to Z.  It is a list, from letters A to Z, referencing who you have become as a result of accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour.  It is available on amazon.com.


This confession is written for:  every woman who believes she is less than what God created her to be, for every woman who has believed the negative words of others, for every women who has been verbally abused, for every woman who has not had many standing ovations in life...Now is your time!  This is the beginning of your transformation.  Begin to make and believe these WORDS OF AFFIRMATION EVERY DAY. 


Matthew 6:15 AMP - I release all of the people who have hurt me

I will not be angry, bitter, jealous or hard of heart

I am responsible for my own choices and mine alone

I will walk in love and forgiveness and compassion

I am an extension of God's love in my words and actions


Luke 4:8 - NIV - God is first in my life

People, places and/or things are not idols in my life, God is the one I worship

I put people in their proper place in my life, not above God


Deuteronomy 31:8 AMP - God is with me

God validates me

God affirms me and I agree with Him

God loves me and I love ME


Jeremiah 29:11 KJV - God's plan and path for my life is a good one

God thought about me before the foundations of the world and has a great plan for my life.  A plan of good and not evil, peace and not confusion

I walk in the path that has been carved out just for me

I embrace my own path


Deuteronomy 8:18 I will succeed and do well because God has empowered me to prosper

I make wise decisions, with the Holy Spirit's help

When I do well, I give myself a standing ovation


II Corinthians 10:5 - I do not mediate on negative words

I meditate on who God says I am


I do not allow negative words that have been spoken to me to infiltrate my mind

I do not allow negative words to dedicate my destiny


Psalms 139:14 I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am not a mistake because God created me, and He does not make mistakes

I am beautiful

I am strong

I am capable

I am intelligent



Again, confess these words of affirmation out loud every day.  Please leave me a comment expressing your thoughts and progress. 

Until next time, Be Encouraged!

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1. Debra Paul said on 12/27/12 - 09:42PM
Thank you Pastor Susan for Words of Affirmation. Having negative abusive words spoken to me for 30+years being told you'll never be nobody or anything in life have shaped by thoughts about me and shredded by self esteem. I sit back and see how others are treated with so much love and made to feel important, it must be an awesome feeling to be treated like that. I will apply the scriptures and words that follows you have written. Until the day comes in which I feel Iam somebody, Iam important, Iam beautiful,fearfully & wonderfully made. Right?
2. Andrea said on 12/27/12 - 09:56PM
Pastor Susan thank you so much this word of wisdom. It is what I need to hear right now. The confession will go on my dream board. Thank you allowing God to use you to remind me of who I am and whose I am!!!
3. Pam Andrews, FaithGirlFit.com said on 12/28/12 - 05:43AM
Great blog post! As I reflect on 2012 and focus on 2013, saying what God says about me is the key. http://www.faithgirlfit.com
4. Essence Stewart said on 1/3/13 - 11:28AM
As I am uniting with my IY family in our fast, I began to fell something (I don't know what it was)..not really a weird feeling not an excited feeling..just a feeling. I was reading the assigned scripture for the day and I begame searching for something more. I thought, I haven't been on PSS blog in a while...I wonder if she has a word for me. WELL..THANK YOU MA'AM:-) I was at the services that you are referring to & I was at the alter that day. All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I remembered your words prayed over me and I will be mediatating on these verses. JUST WHAT I NEEDED TODAY...Love Ya!!:-D
5. PSS said on 1/3/13 - 02:06PM
I am so encouraged by your words of comments!I am glad that you will be meditating on the scriptures. I am excited about your future....Excited to see the fruit as a result of affirming yourself and seeing yourself as God sees you! Don't forget to mark your calendars for our Moving Forward event on January 19 @ 11am. Visit www.iywccelkton.org for more information. C ya in Elkton!

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